sexual meditation

This daily practice is usually done in the morning. It will help you glow, radiate and share the energy with others throughout your day. Allow for arousal but don't go for orgasm. Focus on spreading the energy throughout your entire body and even your emotional body.

A second meditation can be done in the evening.


  • Allow 10 minutes for this exercise.
  • Create a sacred space by lighting a candle or incense. Soft music can enhance the space.
  • Have available warm lubricant, towel, bowl, g-spotter, kegelcizer or other favorite toys.


Begin seated on a zafu, or firm pillow.


  • Start with the breath--doing slow, deep abdominal breathing.
  • Follow with chanting.
  • Add in pelvic rocking and releasing sounds at the chakras awaken.
  • Caress and enjoy the outside of your yoni as you continue with chanting and rocking and deep breathing.
  • Add in g-spot stimulation or do your kegels.
  • Move around into different positions.
  • Try to stay relaxed so your amrita (ejaculate) will flow. Use your bowl to catch your amrita.


End the mediation the same way you began it - sitting and focusing on your breath. Visualize putting your energy into your vital organs, your smile, your eyes, your skin and fingertips.

Sexual Meditation